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April 15, 2014

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that I will be seeking a second term as State Representative from the 29th Legislative District. My first term was extraordinarily productive and I enjoyed working hard on your behalf. With nearly 40% of our district on federal food assistance, it is hard to wake up and head to Olympia without a feeling of fierce urgency. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve and I ask that you send me back for my second term.

If I am reelected I will continue to fight to make sure we invest in our community by making meaningful investments in our underserved communities. In our country, every child deserves the opportunity to work hard and achieve the American Dream. I will continue to fight against special interests that have rigged the system against the poor and middle class, because every person who is willing to work hard should be able to provide the dignity of a home for their child. In addition to working on issues that affect the vulnerable, I also tackled the issue of frivolous law suits by prisoners:

In 1995, a woman in our community named Paula Henry was given terrible news – her husband was brutally murdered. It took five years for the police to find enough evidence to convict the murderer, but that wouldn’t be the last time Paula would be victimized. Recently, her husband’s murderer decided to frivolously sue Paula from prison in an effort to harass her and drive up her legal bills. He succeeded.

That is why I sponsored and passed a bill (HB 2102) this year that makes sure that certain criminals who are in prison cannot frivolously file law suits against their victims. They will need to prove to a judge that the law suit is not frivolous before being allowed to sue a victim of their crime or their family.

Let me know how I can earn your vote.



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